MM10: Webinar EB - 3 Keys

3 Keys to $5K Months as a Health Coach!

If you’re looking for a fully booked Health Coaching business, it’s a must!  

In this exclusive LIVE Masterclass, I’ll be giving you the steps I took to go from zero clients in my diary – to consistent $5k months as a Health Coach.  

This is no stuffy old business plan. It is the EXACT plan I use in my own coaching business, which now brings in 7-figures in income a year. It's super simple to follow, and it's yours for FREE. 

Join us live for this exclusive Masterclass training to:

  • Learn how to get started without even putting up a website!! You don’t have to be tech savvy and have thousands of followers to build a steady stream of clients that align with your coaching.
  • Discover the most common mindset blocks that prevent Health Coaches from getting consistent clients - and how to change them. (I’m not talking about a ‘you can do anything’ mindset - I’m talking practical changes you can make starting today.)
  • Enjoy crystal clarity on my signature system for creating $5k months. I’ll be taking you through the exact steps and showing you real-life CASE STUDIES that have taken my students from ZERO clients to fully-booked within a few short months.  
  • Walk away confident, knowing exactly how to create a business that is authentic and aligned to your values as a Health Coach - no more long hours or burn out... and plenty of time for your ideal clients, your family and yourself.

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